Traffic Accident Reduction as a Service

Decreases Collision Accidents by 50%.

Our Objectives

1. Producing Results from Specifications

In order to judge if our product can truly produce “results” by reducing traffic accidents, we have come up with a new way of thinking. Until now the standard business model for selling products has been based on using the productions specifications as a selling point and overlying on these specifications. However, looking only at the specifications gives no actual proof of a products actual ability to reduce traffic accidents.

We will focus on the result of reducing traffic accidents. The quality of accident prevention products by nature must be judged based upon the actual produced results in order decide if a product is good or bad.

2. Service Fees Based on Results

We offer a base accident reduction of 50%. If we do not reduce accidents by more than 25% there will be no monthly charges for the following year.

Our concept is to reduce accidents even if only by a little. All of our services are designed for the sole purpose of accident reduction. Making accident reduction the only indicator of our services performance. Therefore our service fees are based upon the actual results that our service produces. Consequently we think that there should be no charges if there are no results from using our service.

How we Reduce Accidents

The 3 Pillars of TARaaS


By combining ADAS, FMS, and TCS we have a comprehensive approach to making accident reduction a reality.



Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System

Teaches awareness and understanding while driving, making safe driving a natural habit.
Traditional approach to accident reduction

  1. Can be retrofitted into any existing vehicle
  2. With 5 different warning alarms you can avoid nearly any frontal collision
  3. Worldwide a total of 10 millions units using Mobileye Technology(ASIC)have been sold. OEM adoption by more than 90% of the world’s car manufactures. The camera makes up 70% of the world market share for collsion prevent equipment.
  4. Appoximately 5 million units have already been sold in Japan
  5. Just in Japan, the Mobileye has won an number of prizes(Grand prize for best car part、Prize for good design)



Ituran Fleet Management System

Makes both the inside and outside of a vehicle
transparent and easy to understand.
Scientific approach to accident reduction

  1. Real-time dynamic mangement system (Tracks driving conditions as well the current route, vehicle location and other data.)
  2. Combined with Mobileye all sorts of information can be gathered (When, where, and what kind of warning there was plus more)
  3. Make visualization of the vehicle and vehile interior (Driver) a reality
  4. Real-time reporting of driving problems (Vehicle Manager)
  5. Analyze daily, weekly and monthly data for trends
  6. Can be made even more powerfull with additional options



J21 Consulting Service

Analyzing the recorded information
to give meaningful feedback to the driver.
Analytical approach to accident reduction

  1. Aim for accident reduction by working together with managment staff
  2. Deployment of J21 analyst
  3. Provide ICT/Data with a method for utilization
  4. Analyze each drivers data to designate each driver with safety grade, based upon their performance
  5. Offer individual advice in order increase to quality of drivers and reduce accidents
  6. Compare internal company data with other companies, share domestic and overseas case data
  7. Plan safety events, call center(Planned), etc.

Service Fees and Rates


Service Fee Overview

Starting with a base monthly fee of 5,000 Yen, our accident reduction program fees are based upon the produced results.

  1. Past 3 years of frontal collision damage data is used as a reference value(average) and we set out to reduce this value by 50%.
  2. The contract period 5 years. If the amount of reduced accident damages is less than 25%, there will be no charges for the next year. (Except for the evaluation period)
  3. If the accident damage reduction rate exceeds the reference value, the amount we recieve will be based upon the results.
  4. A contract has a minimum of 50 vehicles and the intial cost is 98,000 yen.

Monthly Charges in Relation to TARaaS Results



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